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Canoe Slalom is also an Olympic Discipline in which Great Britain has excelled over the years. At the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Joseph Clarke won the Gold Medal in the K1 Mens event.

Friends of Allonby members used to be very involved in Slalom in the 1990s, and for many years the Club ran an excellent Div. 3 Slalom event each season on the River Tryweryn near Bala in North Wales.

However, currently only a few members take part in BCU Slalom events. Isobel Papaspyridis is currently our highest ranked slalomist.

The are slalom gates in a dock adjacent to Collingwood Dock and are used by general paddlers and polo players as well as budding slalomists to improve skills. We have a number of slalom boats in our inventory which can be used for training or borrowed to take part in slalom events. The best of these are particularly suitable for junior members so do have a go at neaby events such as at Marple and Oughtibridge.