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Open Canoe Boating

Open Canoe Boating

Open Boating, sometimes referred to as Canadian Canoeing, is a growing area of interest within the Club. Open boats are a great way to get out onto the water especially for those who don't like the idea of being 'stuck' inside a kayak. They do however offer more than just an alternative to a Kayak.{!OPEN}

Open boats are fantastic for multi-day trips, taking all your camping equipment into remote and wild places. Opens, however, can also be just at home screaming down the local white water rivers with the Kayakers!

The Club has a number of Open Boats that can be borrowed which are ideal for day trips and loading up for multi-day excursions. We would recommend everybody to try Open Boating at some point in their paddling career to experience the joy of paddling these fantastic craft.

Club members have undertaken many Open canoe trips, be it single day trips on local rivers and lakes to multi-day trips to the lochs and rivers of Scotland and elsewhere in the world including Ireland, Canada and France.

For more information on Open boating, where to paddle, suitable equipment etc. Speak to one of the coaches or experienced paddlers in the Club. The web is also an excellent place to find information.