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Freestyle & Playboating

Freestyle kayaking or playboating is a discipline where the paddler performs various tricks or technical moves with their kayak.

So if you want to learn the difference between your cartwheels to your bow stalls or your blunts to squirts, then read on...{!FREESTYLE}

Freestyle kayaking (also called playboating or rodeo) is all about having fun and making more of your day on the river. In the same way that skateboarders use park benches, walls and fences to perform tricks, freestyle kayakers use river features like rocks, waves and eddylines.

Freestyle skills supercharge your boat control and enable you to have more fun in your boat whether its your local river, wave or even the pool. You don't need the latest playboat to perform freestyle tricks - just have fun finding out what you and your boat can do.

Our freestyle representative, Nick Coughlin, is always happy to give advice and organise "taster"/training sessions for members who are interested in trying out this sport. These sessions are a chance to try something new, get advice and get practicing.

There are lots of great venues within easy driving distance of Liverpool, with a firm favourite being the tidal play wave at Stanley Embankment in Anglesey. Other trips go to the Dee at Llangollen and Tryweryn in Bala.