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Archive 2012 23rd Liverpool International Canoe Polo Tournament

This is an achive page for the 2012 competition.  For the current Liverpool International Canoe Polo Tournament please see http://friendsofallonby.org.uk/liverpool-international-polo-tournament/entry-form-download

Friends of Allonby Liverpool Canoe Club ran the 23rd Liverpool International, John Hulley Olympic Memorial, Canoe Polo Tournament at the Albert Dock Complex (Dukes Dock) on 2nd and 3rd June 2012.  Many thanks to all who helped to set up, run, take part in, provide facilities for, provide the prizes for, and tidy up after, the event.

If you have had a really good experience, or not so good, please let us know so it can be better for next year. Complaints about the weather, particularly on the Sunday, please address to a higher authority.

Congratulations to the John Hulley medal winners

Gold: Pennine (Class 1), North Kildare (Class 2), Stingrays (Class 3), Wildcats B (Class 4)

Silver: Kinston A (Class 1), Cherwell Gold (Class 2), ULU Oldies (Class 3), Friends of Allonby Y1 (Class 4)

Bronze: Dragon (Class 1), Kamikaze (Class 2), Trentham (Class 3), Liverpool Canoe Club (Class 4)

Winners Pennine with 'John Hulley' presenter of trophy.

Download this file (Entry_Form 2012a.pdf)FOALCC Entry Form 2012[FOA Liverpool International - Entry Form]222 Kb
Download this file (FinalPlacings_4j.pdf)FOALCC Results 2012[FOA Liverpool International - Results]30 Kb
Download this file (FOALCC Accomodation 2012.pdf)FOALCC Accomodation 2012.pdf[FOA Liverpool International - Nearby Hotels etc.]112 Kb
Download this file (FOALCC Campsite 2012.pdf)FOALCC Campsite 2012.pdf[FOA Liverpool International - Campsite and Directions]121 Kb
Download this file (FOALCC Event Schedule 3b.pdf)FOALCC Event Schedule 3b.pdf[FOA Liverpool International - Event Schedule]229 Kb
Download this file (LeagueStageTables.pdf)FOALCC Results 2012 - League Stage[FOA Liverpool International - Results League Stage]135 Kb