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28th Liverpool International Canoe Polo Tournament 2017 - Teams, Game Plans, Format

Attached are game plans for the tournament.

Refereeing is play:one game gap:ref or ref:one game gap:play, other than the finals. There is always a gap of at least two games between plays.

Please ensure you are in good time for your refereeing.  Your team will need to provide referees for both sides of the pitch, timekeeper and scorer.

Please view attached document for teams, class allocations, prizes, game schedule and refereeing slots.

Download this file (Class2-1_PitchA_2017.pdf)Class2-1_PitchA_2017.pdf[Class 2-1 Pitch A (nearest River Mersey)]26 Kb
Download this file (Class2-2_PitchB_2017.pdf)Class2-2_PitchB_2017.pdf[Class 2-2 Pitch B (second from River Mersey)]25 Kb
Download this file (Class3_PitchD_2017.pdf)Class 3 Pitch D[Class 3 Pitch D (furthest from River Mersey)]18 Kb
Download this file (Class4_PitchC_2017.pdf)Class 4 Pitch C[Class 4 Pitch C (between pitches B and D)]26 Kb
Download this file (Liverpool Entry List and Allocation 2017.pdf)Liverpool Entry List and Allocation 2017.pdf[Teams, classes, prize, schedule, refereeing]38 Kb

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