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Qualification to the Great Britain Canoe Polo Squads

Qualification to the Great Britain Canoe Polo Squads

Last weekend was the assessment and qualification weekend for consideration to participate with the national squads.

We had a number of members who having previously participated within the Collingwood Canoe Polo Development Academy and new to the squads who attended the weekend for appraisal.

This weekend’s appraisal is part of a pre determined continual appraisal leading up to potential selection for the European Championships being held  later on in the year at St.Omer (F).

I understand all of our club nominees were successful in their assessment and have subsequently been invited back for the next assessment stage.

Nominated successful club members included:

Ladies: Ruth Harrison

U21 Ladies: Georgina Longbottom, Caitlin Fox, Stephanie Dunn, and Emma Wooding

U21 Men:  James Meadows

Well done to you all, you just need to keep it going and make sure you continue to be as successful at you subsequent appraisals.

The above six members join up with the current established squad members and club contingent of:

Ladies: Danielle Brain

Men: Kartik McCutcheon.

U21 Ladies: Amira Raoudi, Sophie Watters, Ella Winterbottom and Katie Farley.

U21 Men: Shivan McCutcheon, Suryan McCutcheon, Harvey Birch, and James Mallon.

Along with Charlie Birch who coach’s the U21 Men currently 17 club members participate within the national canoe polo squads.


Congratulations are also due to Isobel Papaspyridis who has recently been promoted to the Super Regional Slalom Squad.

The commitment and hard work that Isobel and her supportive parents put in is beginning to pay dividends.

Again well done to you all.





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