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Latest News

All the Latest General Club News.  If you want to write an article for the website then please contact one of the Communications Team.

Feel free to view or submit your comments if you attended a club trip or just want to make a 'comment'. Comments link is at the bottom of each Trip Blog article.
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AGM 26th June At Collingwood with BBQ

It's time for 2018 the Friends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool Annual General Meeting to which club members are cordially invited. 

The AGM is on Tuesday 26th June at the Collingwood.

As well as discussing club business there will be a BBQ.

There will be motions put to the club by your General Committee as well as the usual highlights such as election of officers, reports by committee members and annual awards.

The constitution available at http://friendsofallonby.org.uk/the-club/club-document-downloads which you should consult if you are unable to attend the AGM and want to vote by proxy.

Having said that, any member is entitled to attend any of the General Committee meetings and I would encourage you to come along. They happen on the first Monday of every month. The next one will be on Monday 2nd July at Collingwood


29th Liverpool Waters International Canoe Polo Tournament 2018 - Teams, Game Plans, Format

Attached are the game plans for the tournament.

Usually refereeing is play:one game gap:ref or ref:one game gap:play, other than the finals. There is always a gap of at least two games between plays.

Deriving a game sequence where there are gaps of at least one game between playing and refereeing becomes more difficult as the number of teams reduces. As the number of teams increases the number of possible game sequences increases rapidly.  For a 7 team league checking each possible sequence at one per nano-second it would take 117 days. For an 8 team league at the same rate it would take 240 million years. 

Please ensure you are in good time for your refereeing.  Your team will need to provide referees for both sides of the pitch, timekeeper and scorer.

Please view attached document for teams, class allocations, prizes, game schedule and refereeing slots when they attached here.



The Club would like to Congratulate Mike Moffit on his recent (last Saturday) National award presented by
British Canoe Union for his 'Outstanding Contribution to Paddlesport'   link to photo

This was announced at the BCU 75th Anniversary Dinner in Nottingham. Only a few awards were presented for outstanding support in the sport. As many of you know Mike has a long history with paddling from Scouting Stuart's participation in the sport, Mike becoming Coach, then Polo coach to GB Canoe Polo Sqaud coach.  He is still one of the most active Coaches in the Club and Nationally.  A WELL DESERVED AWARD

Congratulations Mike from Friends of Allonby Liverpool Canoe Club

The Website has 2 new sections dedicated to articles/reports or 'blog' entries for General Paddling Trip reports (Trip Blog) and Polo related articles/reports (Polo Blog).  See main menu for links above.

The latest articles will appear at the top of the page and where available you will be able to leave comments.  So please feel free to submit a comment.

Also the NEWS section is now available on the main menu links that contains all other paddling related news and club related news articles like membership updates; updated club information; general website updates and much more... 

So keep visiting for further Website updates and NEW features!  We are looking to expand the site as we develop so make suggestions and leave a comment.


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