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Odense International Canoe Polo

Well done FOA Ladies 1st place after an exciting final against SG Hamburg. 4-4 at full time required a golden goal. A team effort around Hamburg's goal got the Hamburg team spread out just enough for a loose ball to land by Ginny almost under the goal. And in the ball went with a move that I wish I'd recorded - it was so neat and just right for the winning goal. Well done Katie, Prudence, Ginny, Bethan, Lucy and Amira.

The FOA men had a good run which was checked at the semi-final by ACC Hamburg.  The 3rd/4th playoff against Silkesborgs SØnner, despite beating them 8-3 in the morning, was a tense affair.  Same number of goals but at 6-5 to FOA it was close. So a very creditable 3rd place for the Kartik, Sryan, Harvey, Lewis, James, Shivan and Jack.

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