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The Polo Blog contains all of the Clubs recent polo reports with links to photos and videos.  If you want to write an article for the Polo Blog then please get in contact with anyone within the Communications Team.

Feel free to view or submit your comments if you attended a club polo tournament/session or just want to make a 'comment'. Comments link is at the bottom of each Polo Blog article.

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Friends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool Member Achievements

Over the years members of Friends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool have taken part in and excelled at various canoeing competitions. They still do.  The attached honour roll details some really impressive achievements of club members.  These they have achieved through their dedication to the sport and with the support of club members in many ways, not least providing coaching and training from first days in a kayak through to international level. If you would like to follow in the paddle strokes (footsteps doesn't seem the right word) of those honoured here, come along to the club and get paddling.
Download this file (FOA club acheivements 2018 v2.pdf)FOA club acheivements 2018 v2.pdf[ ]275 Kb

Liverpool in Top 25 European Tournaments 2018

You might like this link.  http://canoepolo-tournaments.eu/top-25-best-tournaments-20172018 Well I like our tournament ranking in the top 25 in Europe.

Archive 2012 23rd Liverpool International Canoe Polo Tournament

This is an achive page for the 2012 competition.  For the 25th Liverpool International Canoe Polo Torunament 2014 please see http://friendsofallonby.org.uk/liverpool-international-polo-tournament/entry-form-download

Friends of Allonby Liverpool Canoe Club ran the 23rd Liverpool International, John Hulley Olympic Memorial, Canoe Polo Tournament at the Albert Dock Complex (Dukes Dock) on 2nd and 3rd June 2012.  Many thanks to all who helped to set up, run, take part in, provide facilities for, provide the prizes for, and tidy up after, the event.

If you have had a really good experience, or not so good, please let us know so it can be better for next year. Complaints about the weather, particularly on the Sunday, please address to a higher authority.

Congratulations to the John Hulley medal winners

Gold: Pennine (Class 1), North Kildare (Class 2), Stingrays (Class 3), Wildcats B (Class 4)

Silver: Kinston A (Class 1), Cherwell Gold (Class 2), ULU Oldies (Class 3), Friends of Allonby Y1 (Class 4)

Bronze: Dragon (Class 1), Kamikaze (Class 2), Trentham (Class 3), Liverpool Canoe Club (Class 4)

Winners Pennine with 'John Hulley' presenter of trophy.

Download this file (Entry_Form 2012a.pdf)FOALCC Entry Form 2012[FOA Liverpool International - Entry Form]222 Kb
Download this file (FinalPlacings_4j.pdf)FOALCC Results 2012[FOA Liverpool International - Results]30 Kb
Download this file (FOALCC Accomodation 2012.pdf)FOALCC Accomodation 2012.pdf[FOA Liverpool International - Nearby Hotels etc.]112 Kb
Download this file (FOALCC Campsite 2012.pdf)FOALCC Campsite 2012.pdf[FOA Liverpool International - Campsite and Directions]121 Kb
Download this file (FOALCC Event Schedule 3b.pdf)FOALCC Event Schedule 3b.pdf[FOA Liverpool International - Event Schedule]229 Kb
Download this file (LeagueStageTables.pdf)FOALCC Results 2012 - League Stage[FOA Liverpool International - Results League Stage]135 Kb

Friends of Allonby Liverpool Canoe Club Ladies Team

European Clubs Ladies Canoe Polo Champions 2011/2012    

European Clubs Canoe Polo Championships 17th/18th September Helmond, Holland.

As the British Ladies Canoe Polo Champions our senior Ladies team were invited to attend the European Club Championships held this year in Holland. Games were played against the Champions of most of the leading European countries. including France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark.
Over the weekend the Ladies club side maintained a 100% record remaining unbeaten upto and including the final, winning the final against St.Omer (F) 4.0 This latest result represents their 4th European Club Championship win in the last 6 years.
Well done to them all on another excellent club result and a European Club's record number of wins...
Ellie Bates,Ginny Coyles,Kathryn Grieves, Charlotte Lister, and Kate Mather.
Mike Moffitt

REPORT: 20th Merseyside International Canoe Polo Tournament 2011

The Merseyside Tournament in its twentieth year 2011 ( older than many competitors!) took part on June 18th and 19th. The event preparations started months ago. It was going to be part of the’ Liverpool Waterfront ‘event, a national event which would have meant we would be back were the tournament started in the Dukes Dock. We know many were looking forward to it being held in the Dukes and the committee did consider trying to fund the event ourselves. The overheads were too much and we were determined we weren’t going to increase the team fees.

We have to give thanks to our club members who set to organise and negotiate late bookings, those who organised the raffle, Ergo challenge, game plan and score collators and of course the pitch work teams and those who helped do ‘all sorts’ on the day.

The  event was supported by John Hanaway and his team in ‘Merseysports’ who provided the catering with great success and took the event in their stride, opening at unearthly hours and carrying on until the last game played, particularly a late night Saturday and all with a smile.

We thank all the campers for respecting the school grounds they were in and ensuring it was left tidy and for the onsite team and again our club volunteers who ensured all were catered for including updated information. The keys thankfully were not required this year , Ruth and Brenda were particularly thankful!!!! The music of course was put on for your benefit from the Sefton Park Festival and as the booklet said weather was booked despite the Met office forecast of thunder.

Well the games never fail to excite whether it be class 3 with the supporters going crazy on the dock wall encouraging a goal, to the class 2 shouting for a tackle or ‘deck them’ and Class 3 going crazy contesting ‘the rules of the game’ would you believe’!!! Well done Referees

There were many winners if not in the classes in the event itself. We have had many e mails thanking us and stating what a good time was had, which at the end of Sunday looking back makes it all worthwhile. This event would not be possible if not for the coaches, families and club members who support the sport at home and at the canoe polo events around the country. See photos

Thank you to those who participated in the raffle, and for club members for the donations. Raffle prizes included Paddle bag, mobile phone bag, Hamper, Polo Ball, Dry bag ,Wine and chocolates. We hope you enjoyed the consumables and enjoy using the equipment  particularly, Brian Newall (non polo player) who won the ball!!!

We thank all the players and national club members for e mails received thanking us for the support and good time they have had for this weekend and are looking forward to the  Mersey Tournament 2012


21st Merseyside International Canoe Polo Award Ceremony

The prize giving ceremony was conducted by Peter Mitchell who in collaboration with Mike Moffitt has many years of paddling and competition experience and who are both respected in the canoe polo community nationally and internationally.

Congratulations were given to each member of the teams with their coveted trophy. (See photos)

Class 3 winner Meridian Youth           2nd Bristol University      3rd Lancaster University

Class 2 winner Nomad Mixed                 2nd Welsh Warriors       3rd Wildcatz B

Class 1 winner Viking                             2nd Tees A                       3rd Dragon

Youth Trophy          - Tees C


We did note at the time no trophies FOA ?……………….. but not to be outdone our members swept the board in the ‘200m Ergo Challenge’ . With over 70 attempts to beat the winner in each category the following were the winners .

Under 14 - Tony Nixon, FOA   Under 16 - James Mallon , FOA     Under 18 - Graham Webster ,  FOA

Ladies - Alex Mallon   FOA ,       Open - John O Grady    Amathus Dragon boat Liverpool

under 10 category  (50m ) went to 7 yr old  Tana McCuthceon    FOA

Thanks to you all .

We hope you all had a safe journey home and look forward to seeing you at other events around the country and back in Liverpool soon. We are already planning our ‘Olympic Year Event’

Tournament Results Downloads:


British Canoe Polo Championships and Play Offs Aberfan

14th/15th May 2011

Congratulations to our Ladies team on winning the British League Championship at Aberfan this weekend. This is the 6th consecutive year they have won this event showing a remarkable degree of consistency and achievement over the years.

The team comprised of:

Ellie Bridgestock, Ginny Coyles, Kathryn Grieves, Charlotte Lister and Kate Mather.many congratulations to you all.

Our Division 2 Y team also managed to stay up in the Division winning all of their games in the divisional play offs on the way.  The Team present comprised of:

Gary Lunt, Kartik McCutcheon, Suryan McCutcheon, Lewis McVey, Stuart Moffitt,and George Roots.

20th Merseyside Canoe Polo International, 18th & 19th June 2011

Dear friends please find attached an Invitation and Entry Form for our event in June here in Liverpool.  We are more than pleased that we have been given the opportunity to re establish our event at the Albert Dock.

The Dock is a World Heritage Site and attracts visitors in it's own right perhaps even more so now that the new shopping malls of Liverpool One are alongside.  Needless to say we shall along with the other events on at the weekend attract a significant number of spectators to our Tournament.

Download this file (Entry_Form 2011a.pdf)Entry_Form 2011a.pdf[Entry Form]214 Kb

Polo Competition News

Yorkshire Regional League 3

From what I have been informed our young team missed winning the League by one point at last night's Tournament at York. Whilst they will be disappointed congratulations and well done to them in gaining second place and an automatic promotion into Division 2 at the first time. Team: Suryan McCutcheon, Andrew Knowles, Alex Elsmore, Richard Fowles, Liam Moffat, Oliver Stone, and Michael Knowles. Again well done.

Division 1 Ladies Stockport

Our Senior Ladies team competed in the D1 Tournament at Stockport for the first time this season. On a night where there where a number of notable different team displays and so very close games our girls were the only team to win all of their games on the night. A really good all round team performance and one that in augers well for the future. Team Ginny, Kate, Kathryn, Ellie and Charlotte. A very enjoyable night.

British University Canoe Polo Leagues

Many thanks for all the help from both the parents and the children at to day's University Tournament. As we had a smaller than average entry each team played 5 or 6 'full' games with 10 minute halves. A really demanding day by any standards and our younger players done exceptionally well playing each game to the full. Well done to you all, really pleasing to see so many young players working as hard as it will surely come to fruition in terms of their play in the future. Again well done to the parental help and the participating players. Many Thanks