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Liverpool International 2015 Video

Excellent youtube video at http://youtu.be/zuyCqqxLixQ of the 2015 Liverpool International.  Can you spot which club members feature?

Many thanks to University of London Canoe Polo people for making this video.

Thanks from The Cubs

Thank you to Mike, Keith, James and Luke for their help and encouragement during the two weeks we paddled with you in Collingwood Dock. We had a great time, many of us had not paddled before and one or two of us were a bit scared .One of us got 'Cub of the Month ' for conquering our fear of Water -Thanks Akela, Andy and Sarah
Four of us were invested into our cub troop whilst on the water, that was a bit tricky holding the flag, saluting and staying upright. As you are all within or have been in the Scouting troop you will know what adventures we have ahead of us- and this was just the start !
Thank you The Cubs
25th Picton, South Liverpool. Merseyside


Welcome to Friends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool

This website is free for you to browse and see a little of what the club and its members are doing (or at least as much as gets on the website which isn't everything since going canoeing is more fun than doing websites).  The club tries to be welcoming to newcomers to canoeing and kayaking and if you are new to the club and want to inquire about a new starter session i.e. to book on for Collingwood Dock (Tuesday evening or Saturday morning) or a pool session (other than Bootle pool), as a newcomer please contact 07570526947.



The Club would like to Congratulate Mike Moffit on his recent (last Saturday) National award presented by
British Canoe Union for his 'Outstanding Contribution to Paddlesport'   link to photo

This was announced at the BCU 75th Anniversary Dinner in Nottingham. Only a few awards were presented for outstanding support in the sport. As many of you know Mike has a long history with paddling from Scouting Stuart's participation in the sport, Mike becoming Coach, then Polo coach to GB Canoe Polo Sqaud coach.  He is still one of the most active Coaches in the Club and Nationally.  A WELL DESERVED AWARD

Congratulations Mike from Friends of Allonby Liverpool Canoe Club