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The Winning Ladies Canoe Polo Team

National Ladies Division 1 Champions - Friends of Allonby Canoe Club Liverpool.

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National Championships Play Offs 2017

National Championships Play Offs Nottingham

Ladies Y Team

Dear all, this weekend  was the final competition and play off weekend for our National Division 1 teams for both the Men, and our two Ladies Teams. In terms of outcomes. The Ladies Y team earned and won the Ladies competition and become the British Champions for 2016/2017 Season. After a nail biting finish having thought the winning goal had been scored in the last 40 seconds of the last game to then discover it was disallowed and a throw had been awarded to the opposing team to then win the ball back and get a successful shot away with something like 7 or 8 seconds to go was a real cliff hanger.  Credit to the team all round with 2 years in to what is essentially a new team. 3rd placed last year and now Champions within the space of 2 years is indeed an exceptional  turnaround  by anyone’s standards. Remarkably It is the club’s 8th Championship title within the last 14 years. Ladies you have now set the bar, if you are to enjoy greater things then there is an obvious further development pathway through the European club’s and the continuity of successes through our leagues championships going forward. However without everyone buying in and playing their part in both training and working hard  towards those self same objectives then not only will the chances of further successes be limited but it could well prove financially costly and potentially wasteful in the process. Enjoy the moment and well done to all, an excellent outcome: The British Ladies Champions 2016/2017 Friends of Allonby Y the players being: Amira, Danielle, Ella, Ginny, Kate, Kathryn, and Sophie again well done.

Ladies X Team

Having entered Ladies premier division for the first time this season our Ladies X team’s main focus revolved around staying in the division and hopefully from that to continue to build for the future. Coming into the division for most of the players was always going to be a little unknown and understandably inevitable swings from individually players sometimes playing above themselves to one of sometimes fundamental errors of judgement were all part of the season’s play and the teams development. Despite variances in play  coming 6th within the division against the backdrop of the top 5 teams our own Y team apart already being well established and more or less ‘permanent’ members of the division realistically we could not have asked for more. So again well done to all you should all be a lot stronger and more the wiser for having had the experiences of your first season. It depends which way individually the team and the players want to go, as with Ginny and Kathryn in Prudence dependant on your commitment, your desire to improve and get better you have someone who is willing to help and support you. Ladies in Canoe Polo aspirations with successes and honours won at the very highest level, in Ginny, Kathryn and Prudence as support you could not be in a better place As again with the Y team girls that help and support is conditional on your commitment to work and train to improve. Club member or not team places and water time for any club team are not as right and have to be earned with our emphasis shifting from one of almost total inclusion to one of being very much performance and results based with team places and water time being awarded accordingly. Despite the ups and downs of the season you ought to be really pleased at the final outcome, well done to you all. Friends of Allonby X team players being: Caitlin, Emma, Georgina, Heather, Prudence, Ruth, and Stephanie.

Men’s Open Team

Although the boys are no doubt a little bit disappointed in coming Runners Up never the less an excellent performance over the season. With teams taking points of each other before and during the weekend the final outcome was always going to be a bit of a guessing game. The evidence of what could be was on display at both the weekend and at Helmond, it’s that fine dividing line between ultimately being champions and runners up that now needs to be breached. Some of the play, the execution of the core skills was superb and from a neutral point of view really pleasing to the eye. It’s not only the fine detail that needs to be worked on but perhaps also your choice as to what to play and when and the unpredictability of that which you can impose on the opposition. The changes in your set up from a 2 + 2 to a 3 + 1 to a pressing game are now all in your toolbox, running the star as well as you do with flanking shots the current focus can still be a little predictable, working on changing the point of attack and developing your inner zone shooting will certainly give you alternative options. As with the girls ultimately it’s what you do within the 6 rather than the 3 or 4 I don’t doubt with that commitment once you break the mould then there will be no looking back. Well done boys really pleasing for me to see that degree of maturity  in not only meeting the pressure but also some more.


In terms of the weekend we had three club teams ably supported by the parental group all competing at the highest level, all impeccably turned out, the on pitch behaviour beyond question with not a Yellow card in sight and at the same time successful to boot. What more can we ask? When all comes to all as some would say it was a really NICE weekend. Pleasing just to be part of it.





The Club would like to Congratulate Mike Moffit on his recent (last Saturday) National award presented by
British Canoe Union for his 'Outstanding Contribution to Paddlesport'   link to photo

This was announced at the BCU 75th Anniversary Dinner in Nottingham. Only a few awards were presented for outstanding support in the sport. As many of you know Mike has a long history with paddling from Scouting Stuart's participation in the sport, Mike becoming Coach, then Polo coach to GB Canoe Polo Sqaud coach.  He is still one of the most active Coaches in the Club and Nationally.  A WELL DESERVED AWARD

Congratulations Mike from Friends of Allonby Liverpool Canoe Club