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The Three Queens came to Collingwood

With the Queen Mary 2 transatlantic cruise liner parked at the skyscraper the picnics were packed, the BA s were put on, members set off for distant shores with the aid of the canoe paddlers shuttling us across the water. The weather was over cast but not spirits. Even the Canada goose with caution let us walk by. We settled in behind the Mersey river wall, catering courtesy of Mark- the kettle on and a variety of special coffee and teas offered then the chocolate cake came out!!! alongside the chocolate biscuits.

The Queen Mary 2 sailed past the Union flags and FOACC banner in prominent display to meet Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth at the bar. The Three Queens then majestically sailed slowly down the Mersey to the Pier head. With action from the small vessels, helicopters, pilot boats the river came to life. Many of the Antony Gormley statues seemed to have moved to Seacombe ....from where we were standing. The Three Queens gracefully moved into position in front of the Three Graces - a tribute to Cunard.

A quick flyby from the Red Arrows did leave us waiting but never the less a really good day was had by all. Some chose to take the boats back to the mainland others walked (all thankful Lindsay was back on the mainland). We rejoined some members on the dockside and all vocalised what we had just witnessed. A part of Liverpool history and something some of us many never see again.

HeHO the day didn’t go by without the Liverpool Tournament being mentioned on the 6th and 7th June at Dukes dock...... and we thought we were on a beano.

Thanks go to you all for a memorable day


26th Liverpool International Canoe Polo Tournament - Latest 26/5/15

The campsite information has been updated today, Tuesday 26th May 2015.  Please go to http://www.friendsofallonby.org.uk/liverpool-international-polo-tournament/entry-form-download page to see the latest info.

FOACCL Light Night May 12th

With all the other club participation events the move to outdoors soiree was a little delayed this year.  It was hoped to link with the Liverpool Light Night due this Friday.  The menu of Paella and Scouse was organised and the Jars/ Lights were decorated, thanks go to Katie and Luke.  The paddlers arrived for the club weekly session at 6pm with some new and older faces to join in the dock paddle or canoe polo game.  The weather was sunny but the wind brisk so the hot food and drinks were a welcome.  It was a chance to catch up, review paddling events and look forward to events to come- including the expectation of two special arrivals and the comparing of bumps.  A surprising arrival of home baking was the icing on the cake!!!  Thank you Wayne (the orders are on the way).  With the evening coming to the close and the night drawing in the lights were lit and photos taken.

FOA in lights

The merry band of folks

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Great Britain National Championships and Divisional Playoffs May 9th and 10th

With the facility in a spic and span condition, thanks to the club volunteers, the event was underway at 08.30 Saturday morning.  The weather wasn’t kind it has to be said with cars marshalled, game plans read, kit on, boats a-splash, the first whistle blew- and so did a north easterly!!  It was time to batten down the hatches and get on with it.  Action, excitement, frustration and hot food were flowing throughout the action packed day eventually finishing around 1900hrs.  In total it was estimated there were pushing 200 paddlers and spectators and club members animating the Collingwood dock facility.  Sunday, with fewer teams to cater for, a sunny day we set off on another action packed day.  Today was the decider of the Canoe Polo Division 1 Championship.  This was won by Viking Canoe Polo Team from Derby.  Well done to all participants and supporters this weekend - a tiring but enjoyable event.  We hope you all had a safe journey home.  The club and its event were featured in the Liverpool Echo the following day with a view of canoe polo in action with the Tobacco Warehouse in the background.

FOACCL has received a number of thanks by various media e.g. via Facebook.  Thanks indeed to all who made the event happen.

Constitution revised

At the Special General Meeting held at Collingwood on 25th April it was resolved to revise the club constitution. The updated constitution can be found at http://www.friendsofallonby.org.uk/the-club/club-document-downloads.  The revisions were ably explained by Andrew at the SGM and are to comply with the club registration as a Community Amateur Sports Club which gives some tax benefits to the club.  The scope of the revisions is described in the history section at the end of the constitution. More information about CASCs can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/community-amateur-sports-clubs-detailed-guidance-notes.

League Div 3 and Div 4 and Development Training Day

Saturday 18th April saw a busy day at Collingwood Dock with League Division 3 and Division 4 matches on two pitches and the first of the two Development Training Days of the weekend using the other two pitches.  Sunshine all day without a cloud save for the occasional vapour trails from a high flying jet was most welcome.  Also most welcome was the coffee and Danish pastries in the 'butty tent'.  Many thanks to all those who helped provide the facilities used by so many.


It's membership renewal time

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